Tree Trimming and Pruning

Expertise in trimming and pruning is at the heart of every successful tree service company. Henry’s Tree Service provides trimming and pruning for people in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Knightdale and the greater Triangle area. Every property with any vegetation will at times need to remove dead, obstructing, and unsightly branches from their trees or shrubs.

Some homeowners assume that trimming and pruning are things they can handle on their own, but soon realize they are in over their heads. The time of year a specific breed of tree needs to be attended to, how to keep them healthy while removing large pieces, and the techniques and equipment involved for it to be properly done, requires an expert. Trying to manage all this can damage the tree or, even worse, create a dangerous hazard for people and property.

An Art and a Science

Trimming and pruning is an art and a science. Scientifically, understanding the biology of the tree and being able to identify dead or diseased limbs or sections, areas of restricted growth, and the necessary timing is essential for proper trimming. For instance, most people think that the spring and summer would be the best time to trim or prune branches, but in actuality, for any trees other than fruit or flowering trees, it can be dangerous to trim or prune at any time other than the winter. Warm weather pruning may leave open wounds that are vulnerable to infestation from insects and susceptible to diseases.

It is an art because trimming and pruning take an experienced and creative eye to solve problems in the best way. Only those who have worked on hundreds of trees and shrubs can identify the problem branches, which areas are less robust and need help filling out, which need to be cut back, and which should be left alone to create the best shape and healthiest result.

Henry’s Has the Equipment and Experience for All Trimming and Pruning Jobs

Finally, the required equipment is another reason why an expert must be brought in for a proper trim or prune. Sometimes with smaller trees or shrubs, a homeowner thinks that his loppers will do the job, but often they are not maintained properly and the trim can cause permanent damage. Not only do we at Henry’s have properly maintained smaller equipment like handsaws, pole saws, clippers, shears, and hooks, but for larger jobs we have lifts, large power tools, bucket trucks, chippers, and other necessary equipment to handle the largest of trees.

Bottom line, if you have any trimming or pruning needs in the greater Triangle area (Knightdale, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wake Forest, Cary), Henry’s Tree Service has the expertise to ensure the safety, beauty and health of your trees and shrubs.