Tree Removal

Although preserving the health of the trees and plants in our care is our highest priority, there are instances where the removal of the tree is the best decision for the environment and the customer.

Most commonly, trees need to be removed because they are dead or dying, and pose a physical risk to the people and property around it. In these cases, any delay in the removal could potentially be hazardous.

On occasion, a tree can be heavily diseased and could infect other surrounding plant-life or trees. Most people are unaware of how interdependent all trees are in a landscape, but if one contracts a life-threatening disease, like in the case of oak wilt, it could spread to all others around it, making the disease very difficult to eliminate.

Many trees must be removed because they are present in sensitive areas, such as close to homes, near utility lines, or in other kinds of confined spaces where they are considered a hazard to the environment. Similarly, many trees must be taken down to clear areas for new buildings and construction, or additions to existing structures. Finally, in heavily wooded areas, or landscapes where smaller vegetation is struggling to survive, removing trees can be essential to providing increased light and space for those surrounding plants or trees to thrive.

The most important part of tree removal, especially in the case where it is in close proximity to properties or individuals, is that it must only be performed by a professional. There are many ways that a tree can behave when being removed, and without the proper training, attempting to remove it can cause serious risks to one’s life and property as limbs and trunks crash down in unexpected ways.

If your property in Knightdale, Raleigh, and the surrounding Triangle area of North Carolina needs a tree removed, call Henry’s Tree Service today.

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