Stump grinding is the process of shaving down a tree stump after the original tree has been removed. Whenever a tree is removed, they don’t just yank it out of the ground; they cut the tree leaving the base and roots intact. There are different ways that a tree stub can be removed based on each individual case. The most common ways to eliminate one is with a grinder, chemicals, or by harvesting.

We are going to focus on the grinding aspect of stump removal.

Stump Grinding is For Professionals

Stump grinding should be done by a professional in almost every instance. The machines that are used to grind stumps are dangerous and can be as large as a car. The machinery and skill required for stump grinding warrants a profession with years of experience. A knowledgeable tree service provider, like Henry’s Tree Service, has the professionals and equipment needed to execute a stump grinding correctly.

How it Works

A frequently asked question that we get is, “Does stump grinding include removing the roots of a tree?” Depending on how deep the tree’s roots are, the roots can be removed; however, that isn’t always the case. Older trees will have extensive root systems that can be a hassle and hazard to remove, while younger trees will have a smaller root system, allowing a possibility for removal. During the stump grinding process, the stump is shredded into chips by powerful blades. Along with the stump, some of the roots will be ground too, to dissuade any possible growth of the tree in the future. Once this is done, the area where the stump used to be, will be covered with fertilizer and/or soil.

The Benefits of Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is an effective technique that assures the surrounding vegetation and grass will be unharmed. Not only does it remove the potentially hazardous stump, but it also erases the unaesthetic aura that a random stump displays. Grinding is often recommended over simply removing the stub because removing a tree stump can leave a giant hole in your yard.

Rely on Henry’s Tree Service to perform a stump grinding for you.

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