When getting a tree removed from your property, the company removing your tree isn’t going to just yank it out of the ground. Instead, they are going to cut the tree while leaving the base still in the ground. The stump that remains can either be removed or ground down. There are many benefits that can come with the process of grinding the stump down, rather than having it removed from the ground.

Stump grinding can be a tough task to complete by yourself though, especially because the equipment needed is dangerous and should only be operated by professionals. The machines used can range from the size of a lawnmower to the size of a truck. If you need a stump to be ground in your yard, consider calling a professional, like Henry’s Tree Service. At Henry’s, we have knowledgeable and capable professionals who can grind stumps with ease and poise.

Stump Grinding Benefits

One benefit to stump grinding is that it increases the visual appeal of your property. If someone were to remove the stump, it would leave a huge hole in your yard. With stump grinding, we grind down the stump into chips and mulch, leaving a flat surface to be covered with either soil or fertilizer. This method also allows for more flexibility when deciding what to do with the space where the stump was.

Another benefit to stump grinding is that it eliminates any risk of getting termites, ants, or other pests in your yard. A stump that is left to rot will eventually attract these pesky critters, and we can assure you don’t want those anywhere near your yard.

Stump grinding also eliminates any hazardous endeavors, in the sense that it takes care of a stump that is in your yard. Someone could trip over the stump and potentially injure themselves. Opposed to stump removal, it is also less hazardous because it doesn’t leave a giant hole in your yard.

If you have an unwanted stump sitting around on your property, consider the many benefits of having it ground away and give Henry’s Tree Service a call. We serve Wake, Durham, Chatham, Johnston and Franklin counties with expert trimming and other tree care. Reach us at (919) 532-9141 to get a proper stump grinding in the Triangle area.