Stump Grinding

Stumps of all sizes can be created by tree removal, or uncovered by fresh landscaping. And in the vast majority of cases, whether because they are an eyesore or because they are dangerous to people nearby, stump removal is the logical next step. Henry’s removes stumps in the Raleigh, Knightdale, and greater Triangle area of North Carolina.

Although some people may taut the at-home remedies of chemical solutions, burning, or attempting to dig them out, these attempts often harm the landscape and can still result in a stubbornly remaining stump.

The best decision is always to call a professional. Considerations like the density of the wood, the age or sprawl of the root system, and the condition and composition of the soil, can only be properly analyzed by an experienced removal expert who can determine the best course of action.

There are different size stump grinders which should be used only in particular situations. Stump grinders themselves are expensive and relatively dangerous machines which should only be used by those with proper training. With the right grinder, not only is the stump reduced to sawdust or chips, but the sharp spinning blades can shred the attached root networks to loosen up the soil and surrounding vegetation. This is very important for the encouragement of new growth in that area of the removed stump.

Whether the stump is annoying to look at, hazardous for playing children or active adults, encouraging to insect activity, or damaging to property values, stump removal is the right thing to consider. Henry’s Tree Service happily assists those in Raleigh, Knightdale, and the Triangle in removing the stumps on their property.