Emergency Tree Service

Henry’s Tree Services proudly offers emergency tree services in Raleigh, Knightdale, and the greater Triangle area. It is important to us that when a customer needs immediate and comprehensive attention to extreme tree care situations, that we are not only prepared with a team trained to respond appropriately, but also with all the equipment to get the job done.

This is especially necessary after storms have hit. Most emergency tree care calls are concerning situations that directly resulted from a storm. Some common situations include:

  • A tree or limb falling on a car or structure
  • A tree or limb that has split or cracked, and is threatening to fall
  • Branches and other debris damaging the landscape or yard requiring clean-up
  • Powerlines or other sensitive infrastructure being threatened

Once a storm, or just the forces of time, create these problems, it’s best to rely on an experienced professional to fix them. Often the manner in which trees or branches land on homes or vehicles creates additional hazards, and for a homeowner to attempt their own removal is highly dangerous. Not only are the limbs and logs extremely heavy and dangerous, but specialized equipment is needed.

Henry’s Tree Service is prepared with quick response teams and the appropriate equipment to handle even the most urgent situations. An experienced team reacting immediately reduces the potential for further damage to property, and the removal or clean up ensures the landscape is returned to normal as quickly as possible. We service Raleigh, Knightdale, and the surrounding Triangle areas any time of day or night, so call us immediately when an emergency strikes.

Henry's Tree Service Emergency Tree Removal BeforeHenry's Tree Service Emergency Tree Removal After